Social Responsibility

We are aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and consider it a full-scale business instrument that favours prosperity of the company and, at the same time, growth of common wealth, improvement of life quality. We exist for the people and due to them. That is why we build our long-term activities on base of following principles:


  • Goods and services of  MTI are useful for the people, safe for environment and comply with the highest quality standards
  • We steadily fulfill our liabilities to staff, partners, suppliers
  • Company  MTI  is attentive to the needs of human communities and satisfy the interests of people irrespective of whether they are consumers of our goods and services or not
  • Our social investments must be directed to such social projects that allow to achieve actual and important for the society results
  • Our social projects are systematic and long-term to enable analysis of efficiency and justify further development and extention of projects
  • We do not invest in religious and political projects
  • We ensure open dialog with the society with help of different communications, maintain open contacts with the authorities and mass media
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